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 ‘I heard about an organization called 'Wireless For The Blind' that helps provide resources to the
blind. In the past I'd done a show for the Bristol Eye hospital high-lighting the fact that so many
early blues greats were blind. It's a long story but I feel I've gained so much from this kind of music
inspiration from players like the great 'Blind Willie Johnson' and many others - that I would dedicate
this new CD to them and at the same time make a donation from the album to 'Wireless For The Blind'.
Time to give back, without sounding too coy I hope.’  -  Blues Matters magazine Dec 2010

Read more from 'Jet' Martin Celmins about the Radio City project >>

British Wireless For The Blind


Mike Harding BBC Radio 2 - 'Blues and Folk singer of some might ....A cracking album!'

Roy Book Binder - ‘Enjoying the tunes! Nice take on some old themes, solid playing
and heart felt singing’

Peter Finger - ‘Very nice album. Congratulations. Rick’s music is fun to listen to. He plays
the music I grew up with and all the country blues and folk influences sound
familiar to me. However his songs are so fresh and positive I can’t stop to press
the repeat button. Wonderful!.’ ( Acousic Music Records )

Martyn Joseph - ‘Cool blues grooves’

Spencer Bohren - 'This is honest music, well played and well recorded....when it comes to
the blues who could ask for more'

Johnny Copin - 'Great playing...very talented...really good stuff'

Acoustic Guitar Workshop - 'Rick's latest CD is full of solid grooves, immaculate touch and vocals full of soul
and passion'

Sue Cook BBC Radio 2 - '...a talented guitarist '