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Above video 'Copastatic' one of 11 study tunes

ĎOf all the guitarists that Iíve listened to and studied over the years
John Lee Hooker is the one steeped in the real DNA of the blues.
You canít help but be drawn into the primitive and simplistic way,
that with just a few riffs and chords, he conjured up the sound of
both the Mississippi Delta and the West African roots of the blues.
When Iím giving a blues guitar workshop I often say - if you want
to play authentic blues guitar thereís only one riff you need, and
that of course is one by the genius that was John Lee Hooker.

In this course Iíll be sharing some of these riffs, and exploring the
ways you can begin to sound just like the ĎHealerí himself.
So, settle down, get your foot tapping and letís play some
Hooker Bluesí

Course includes in-depth exercises and 11 study tunes in the Hooker style all supported by video, audio and interactive powertab.

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